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10/1/05 10:26 am - love_confusion

i've been trying to decide what kind of fur i should buy and thought you guys could help me out. i don't own any fur right now, but i'd love to start a collection. i've been browsing vintage shops and i found a nice fox cape, but it had a small rip in it so i decided to pass on it, but now i keep on thinking about it. is there any way to fix the rip?
also i've been surprised by tjmaxx. they have some nice rabbit "scarfs" (there is a diff. word im looking for, but i can't think of it.

anyways, if you could suggest what kind of a fur accessory i should buy that would be great.

10/1/05 12:03 am - feitheachd - Fur friendly TV shows

I was wondering if anyone had a favourite fur friendly TV show.

I know it's a little obvious, but the one that had the biggest impact on me – and not just because of the abundance of big furs, was Dynasty. I was particularly enthralled by the wonderful Alexis, played, of course, by the incomparable Ms Joan Collins.

9/24/05 12:20 am - feitheachd - Collective noun...

...for chinchilla?Collapse )

9/11/05 03:12 pm - lorac_black

In the nature of some of the old posts

I found this, with this caption: "She probably ate the animals that grew the fur!"

a really good photoshop job, except Pink doesn't have that much of a chest.

It was a contest at Freakingnews.com

Too bad no one did old Skeletor (Newkirk) herself.

Hehe, I'd kind of like to make one from a quote I saw in another fur comm off LJ . . ."Real women wear Real Fur" I normally hate all those "real women this" campaigns, but I found that one so tongue-in-cheek funny.

9/9/05 10:33 am - feitheachd - What's better than a golden sable?

Four golden sablesCollapse )

8/23/05 04:20 pm - lorac_black

I sit right under an a/c vent and the thermostat is never set above 73, it gets me in the mind of staying warm.

So I thought, how about some eye candy. Not poor quality ebay pictures either, just, out and out, EYECANDY. Well, eyecandy and maybe a comment or question here or there. (Like, when will/would you start wearing your furs again? Would you wait for a date, like first day in October; or would you go more by temperature, first day with a high below 60?

EyecandyCollapse )

8/21/05 02:37 pm - dic_tator


A bit of the Old Guard mink.

8/18/05 01:48 pm - lorac_black

Just had to pop this up here real quick.

I was reading the new Glamour and in it they had a poll that I thought you all might find interesting:

"How comfortable are you with the fur trend?"
J-lo = 100% (well obviously SHE is 100% comfortable with it)
fur jacket = 55%
fur wrap = 39%
faux fur jacket = 15%
faux fur bag = 10%
faux fur collar = 2%

I just thought that was great to see, that the majority of people are comfortable with the idea of a real fur jacket, whether they can afford or think it would suit them or not, and that only 15% of people preferred faux fur jackets.

And the PeTArds try and say that the designers don't know their market by making all these fur items *scoff* sounds like PeTA is the one that doesn't know what they're talking about (per usual)

8/6/05 08:48 pm - lorac_black

Nice to see this place more active.

After the last post, I started thinking. How many of you actually own furs. Do you keep them insured?
I keep complete insurance coverage for my full length platinum fox (it came with the cold storage fees for fairly cheap). Just wondering because it always seemed like just a basic good idea. It covers ALL damage (accidental or vandalism), theft, even normal wear-and-tear. . .and that way, if anyone ever DID do anything to your fur, you'd get a brand new one for free.

Then, because my thoughts are a bit like pogo-sticking, I thought, how many of us have a fur of any sort?

Then, what would you want. If you could have any one fur, what would it be? Would it be something really general like a simple black mink bolero, or something very specific like a Michael Kors length lynx dyed powder blue?

Ow, and www.fur.org has some GREAT images as well as information.

8/6/05 09:59 am - unstoppahble - fur is not a canvas. say no to fur terrorism.

i was talking with a cousin that i hadnt seen for a couple of years now and was reminded of one of her visits to new york a bit ago...

she had just exited a cab, heading towards the lobby of the hotel she and her hubby were staying at and a (most likely PETA terrorist) fucking crazy woman ran at her with a bucket swinging...next thing she knew there was flourescent lime-green paint all over her mink stole and fox hair bomber.

the bitch wasnt caught. the fur couldnt be saved in its whole, i think she actually found a woman who recycles fur and will reconstruct and such. nonetheless, thats absolutely ridiculous.

so we were wondering just how often this may or may not happen. anyone else know or been a victim of fur terrorism?
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